A recent research showed that the global oil reserves would expire in 2060. I think the highly demand for non-renewable energy resources like oil and gas is one of the main reasons for global conflicts, for instance the United States invaded Iraq in 2003 to control the largest oil reserves in the world. The decrease in the non-renewable energy resources would increase the war possibilities around the world. The renewable energy resources such as wind, solar and hydro would be the substitute solution for the need of energy.
I have created a short TV ad that raises awareness of renewable energy sources, it promotes that investing in renewable energy would spread the peace around the world. The ad shows wind moving the sign peace to make it look like a windmill followed by the message "Active Peace By Activating Renewable Energy".
I have branded and presented the ad for Greenpeace International as an independent organisation that acts to protect the environment and promote peace.
© Hani Douaji


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