About Mazeno Clothing:

Inspired by the recent successful ascent of the Mazeno ridge dubbed the "last great problem of the Himalayas" Mazeno aims to inspire a movement of exploration through individuality, originality and attitude in its clothing range.
The Name:

The name Mazeno has come from the inspirational story and achievement of Sandy Allan and Rick Allen who after exhaustion, hunger and frostbite conquered the “last great problem of the Himalayas”.

The Mazeno Ridge was the last unclimbed ridge in the world covering 14 peaks over 8000 meters and requiring 13km of perilous and technical climbing as well massive commitment and endurance due to the committing proposition of the ridge. Many had tried and failed previously but with true spirit and determination Sandy and Rick completed the ordeal in 2012.
The Tagline:

‘Because it’s there’ – famous words spoken by George Mallory, the intrepid explorer who when asked why he wanted to climb Mount Everest replied with those 3 words. We like that kind of attitude.
The Logo:

The Mazeno Ridge has 8 sub peaks that lie across the back of the ridge and these have been described as ‘rising and falling like a camel’s humps’.Combine this with the clear silhouette against the sky, and our love for adrenaline boosting activities – you get the Mazeno logo and the basis of our company ethos.
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