Microsoft #MadeToAchieve

Art Direction, Graphic Design, Motion Graphics

Who said school work can’t be fun? You can now stay organized, share lessons and inspire your students with the help of one tool! OneNote #MadeToAchieve.
Increase your team’s productivity while saving, time, money and efforts! Enjoy Messaging, meetings, and screen sharing all in one app that works with Office. Skype for business #MadeToAchieve
With Windows Ink enjoy the quickest way to set ideas in motion. Windows 10 #MadeToAchieve!
Work seamlessly from anywhere and pick up exactly from where you left! Office 365 #MadeToAchieve


Technology Addiction - Magazine Ad
Advertising, Creative Direction, Graphic Design
Deko Foods
Branding, Graphic Design, Web Design
Juice: Disposable Charger
Branding, Graphic Design, Packaging
Nestlé: World Water Day Ad
Advertising, Creative Direction
Lady in The Cup
Creative Direction, Product Design
Children story by using Picasso's style
Cartooning, Graphic Design, Illustration
Logos Collection
Branding, Graphic Design, Calligraphy
City Cafe: Repackaging
Branding, Packaging
Graphic Design, Icon Design, Illustration
Gaza War
Art Direction, Graphic Design, Creative Direction
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