Brightness From The East

Advertising, Calligraphy

Brief: Create an advertising campaign for Alhamwi, the ancient leader coffee manufacturer in the middle east, that presents six famous characters from the Arabic history. The campaign will run over six weeks period in magazines to present a character a week. Solution: The advert shows a little cup of hot coffee with steam. The steam is custom Arabic calligraphy of the characters' name that has been written by hand and designed by using ancient Arabic calligraphy.

ابو خليل القباني
Abu Khalil Al Kabbani
سليمان العيسى
Sulaiman Al Essa
عادلة الجزائري
Adila Al Jazari
مريانا مراش
Mariana Marash
يوسف العظمة 
Yousef Al Azmeh
عبد الرحمن الكواكبي
Abd Al Rahman Al Kawakibi
Color Scheme
The Process
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